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  • What is Bartenieff?
    A person. “Irmgard Bartenieff (1900–1981) was a dancer, physical therapist, cross-cultural scholar and pioneer in the field of dance/movement therapy. A Renaissance woman who enjoyed weaving disciplines together, she was always ready to investigate movement in a variety of fields—including child development, ethnic dances, nonverbal communication and physical rehabilitation. One of Rudolf Laban’s star pupils, Bartenieff was among the first to promote his work in the United States, ultimately founding what would become the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies, LIMS® in New York City. As a physical therapist, she applied Laban’s theories and the principles of human development to her work with polio patients as well as dancers, originating a physical reeducation method that develops movement efficiency and expressiveness. The work came to be known as Bartenieff Fundamentalssm.” Source
  • What will SME do for me?
    For some it has a profound impact on many aspects of life- feeling moreconnected to self (body, mind, spirit) – feeling more connected to one’senvironment, others and community. Some people find greater range ofmotion, develop muscle/skeletal strength, postural improvements andincreased balance, grounding and integration. For dancers it may offer a deeper connection to self-expression and ease in difficult technicalmovements. It can provide emotional healing as a person begins theprocess of repatterning, movements of the muscles and tissues open andsometimes create an emotional release.
  • Is SME Physical Therapy?
    SME is a good complement to physical therapy. Physical therapists arehighly educated and work the body to heal, strengthen and reach specificphysical goals. In SME, we are also highly educated, but rather than setexercises aimed toward specific results, ours becomes a process ofmoving mindfully. Key word is; process. You know the old saying “it’sthe journey not the destination”- we learn through being in the moment;your body becomes the teacher. If it’s physical therapy that you arelooking for, see if you can find a SME/T near you; the “T” stands for “therapist.” You may also try Feldenkrais Method, Alexander Technique,Skinner Releasing Technique- these are some of the other somaticmovement therapies used today.
  • I’ve heard of Somatic Therapy, is it that?"
    No. Somatic therapists are professionally trained psychologist. The link below helps explain.
  • Is it Dance Therapy?
    Not really, well, all dance is therapeutic in some way . However, adance therapist is professionally trained in psychology among othertherapies. You can find dance therapists and training programs online.
  • What is an SME Session Like?
    A session can either be highly specialized for an individual or be generalized for broader outcomes as in a group setting. To determine where to focus the time together, a practitioner will observe your movement with a trained eye, speak with you about how you’re are feeling, what you are sensing or experiencing, and guide you through movement practices. With group classes it’s the same but broader. SME can take place lying on the floor, seated on a pillow, chair or stool, or standing and moving around. It might be a guided meditation where the focus is on the movement of your breath. It might be large sweeping movements like a contemporary dance class. A session may be part of a healing process after an injury or a profound loss. It can be integrated into a wellness practice that includes moving from internal impulses, also, for people in the elite mover category to achieve deeper performance experiences. And, with proper training an SME practitioner may heal communities that have experienced trauma. The practice is very adaptable. For the specific questions and to get you started, Ellen offers a 30 minute introductory meeting for $20.

Billing & Pricing

Payments Accepted

Online payment must be submitted before our sessions together please use the convenient scheduling and payment button. I will also accept cash with exact amount paid upon arriving, our session will be rescheduled if payment is not received. 

Cancellation Policy

Only applies to private sessions: 24 hour notice to receive either a credit or return payment.

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